Thursday, 3 April 2014

Praise for Chokkablog

David Smith: Economics Editor of The Sunday Times

John McDermott: Financial Times Commentator. Former No 10 policy wonk.

Merryn Somerset Webb: Editor in chief of Moneyweek, FT Columnist

Michael White: Assistant Editor of The Guardian

Robert Wright: Financial Times US Industry Correspondent

John Rentoul: Columnist, Independent on Sunday; visiting professor, King's College, London & Queen Mary Univ London

Hugo Rifkind: Journalist, Writer & Broadcaster; The Times, Spectator, etc.

Murray Foote: Editor Daily Record

Kezia Dugdale MSP: Scottish Labour Leader
Ruth Davdson MSP: Scottish Conservative Leader
Peter Oborne: Political Commentator (from Daily Mail November 14,2015)

James Ball: Special Projects Editor of the Guardian

Iain Martin: Political journalist, @CapX editor, writer for Telegraph

Fraser Nelson: Editor of the Spectator

David Torrance: Herald columnist, biographer of Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon

Stephen Daisley: Digital Political Correspondent at STV News

James Millar: Lobby journalist for The Sunday Post

Severin Carrell: The Guardian's Scotland correspondent

Euan McColm: Columnist & Commentator - Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman, London Evening Standard, Scottish Daily Mail

Alex Massie: Freelance hack - Spectator, Times, Mail, Scotsman etc.

Alex Andreou: Actor, Writer - Guardian, New Statesman

Chris Deerin: Daily Mail Columnist

David Clegg: Political Editor of the Daily Record

Peter Jukes: Author

Blair McDougall: Labour Campaigner

Toby Fenwick:Research Associate Centre Forum & Liberal Reform

Adam Tomkins: Professor of Public Law at the University of Glasgow; Conservative representative on Smith Commission Representative

Stephen Boyd: Assistant Secretary STUC

Kezia Dugdale: Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour

Whisper it - but it's not unheard of for Yes supporters to read this blog

Mohammed Amin: Chairman of Conservative Muslim Forum.

Douglas Alexander: Shadow Foreign Secretary

Michael Jary: Chair of Fairtrade Foundation, Chairman of Duchy Originals, Non-exec director Nationwide.

Talat Yaqoob: Feminist Campaigner

Tom Holland: Author & Historian

Lawrence Freedman : Emeritus Professor of War Studies King's College London

Gillian Philip: Author

Anna Frame: Head of Publicity, Canongate

David Knowles: Blogger

Mick Watson: Head of Bioinformatics at Edinburgh Genomics, Edinburgh University

Alastair Ross: Director of Public Policy, Pinsent Masons LLP. Fellow of the CIPR

Cat Headley: Labour Party Scottish Parliamentary Candidate

Glen O'Hara: Blogger

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Anonymous said...

At last I have found someone with a rational Uk/Scotland in out view that I can read and digest without retoric or bias.