Thursday, 7 October 2010

Boots the Brand vs Ignorant Consumers

I have had to buy a lot of painkillers in the last few months (as followers of my medi-blog will know) and my Boots Paracetemol buying experience has prompted me to post this quick blog.

Below are the two cheap paracetemol options you will find on Boots' shelves

Boots Paracetemol: 39p
Value Paracetemol: 16p
Both state "Each tablet contains Paracetemol BP 500 mg. Also contains E223."

They are exactly the same.
Exactly. The. Same.

But the simple addition of the Boots brand adds a 143% price premium.

I hope somebody at Boots loses some sleep over this - we are after all talking about a medicine here - but I doubt they do.

I know this is not news ... but it is a such a great illustration of pure Brand power I felt I should share for those who may have missed it.

I did a quick search and found this rather good and thorough post on the subject for those curious for more detail