Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Be lucky

My mate Chris (@vcmoulin) has an approach to cycling that I admire, partly because he can fair spin the pedals but mainly because he has a refreshingly laid-back approach to the whole affair. Before setting out for a long ride recently - having studied the skies and perused weather forecasts - I was unsure if I should carry a waterproof so I asked Chris what his plan was. "Stay lucky" he responded with a shrug, patting his empty rear pockets and smiling broadly.

Which brings me to the role of luck in business. It's clearly important in many walks of life: Napolean said "Give me lucky generals" and most successful entrepreneurs will admit to the role good luck has played at some point in their journey.

But is this just a bland observation? Do we sit back and passively wait to "get lucky"?

Arnold Palmer said "the more I practice the luckier I get" -- being lucky can in part be about an attitude of mind. We should never rely on luck for success, but we can make sure we engineer situations where we at least give ourselves the chance to "get lucky". So strike a bold pose and put yourself out there; be willing to take some chances and remain "in the game" even after a run of bad luck; have the patience, persistence and belief to wait for a lucky break -- and critically retain the awareness to recognise it and make the most of it when it happens (and don't mistake good luck for strategic brilliance on your part).

Having said all that ... if in doubt, always carry a waterproof. Chris got soaked; the man's a bloody idiot.



Bobby said...

Loving the blogs Kevin, keep it up!
Bobby Griffin

phil argent said...

That is a brill, reading it on a saturday morning with tea and toast. I read every post, the cycling and business link is great for me. Phil@allgardening